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ACT/SAT Word to Know

insurgence (n.) Uprising.

Tax deductible donations to support Latta Schools programs can be made electronically at the Future Minds donation site by clicking this button, or directly via mail to the Latta Schools Educational Foundation at 205 King Street, Latta South Carolina.

Duke Energy Book Presentation at LES

Duke Energy Book Presentation Day

Viking Greenway Project

The South Carolina Dept. of Parks, Recreation and Tourism has announced that Latta Elementary School has been awarded a $100,000 grant through its 2017 Recreational Trails Program. This is the first grant award for such in the Pee Dee area. Funds will be used to build a 1 1/2 mile nature trail for hiking and biking with full handicap access around the campus perimeter by the wood line at LES. Benches, informational signs, pet stations, emergency call poles and a trail head will be included!

Summer Camp Registration

Latta High School is hosting a series of summer camps for softball, volleyball, fine arts, and cheerleading during the month of June. You can contact Kim Bean at

The registration form and information on fees can be downloaded HERE. Time is running out so please act now!

Robotics Class at LHS

Latta High School is providing an early-bird class beginning this Fall (7:30am until 8:15am, Mon-Fri) for robotics and electronics. In the class, students will design and build microprocessor and computer controlled vehicles that are semi-autonomous.

The course begins in the first few days with students building small microprocessor controlled motor/servo/stepper projects that also incorporate sensors. Students will learn and apply electronic principals to calculate voltage, current, and power consumption. Students will solder electrical components and connections to circuit boards in the building process. They will utilize 3-D CAD programs and 3-D printers to create parts for projects, including robot components. Some of these designs may be sent out for professional laser- and plasma-CNC cutting when parts require strength.

As students improve their understanding of these topics, they will begin to plan for, design, and build a large semi-autonomous robotic vehicle as a class project. This project will serve as a platform for performing a task (or multiple tasks) as envisioned by the class. This could include robotic arms and/or cameras and sensors.

The microprocessors students will begin with include the Arduino Nano, Uno, and Zero. Computers will include the Raspberry Pi (version 3). Students will each have their own equipment and parts so everyone will get the same opportunity to learn and build.

Because the class is only 45 minutes a day, students will be required to work smart, study if necessary, perform research on their own to find answers to many of their own questions, and focus on what they are doing.

Latta High School Internships

Students can pick up applications at the LHS office for LHS Internships for next year. They can also download the application HERE and turn it in to Coach German at Latta High School.