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     Sports (4)  Sporting Events for the Next 2 Weeks
Tue, Jan 22: Varsity Basketball, Andrews, Home, 6:00
Fri, Jan 25: Varsity Basketball, Mullins, Away, 6:00
Tue, Jan 29: Varsity Basketball, Carvers Bay, Home, 6:30
Fri, Feb 01: Varsity Basketball, East Clarendon, Home, 6:00

ACT/SAT Word to Know

cantata (n.) A choral composition.

Congratulations to the 2018-19 Teachers of the Year!

2018-19 Latta Teachers of the Year Latta Schools is proud to announce the 2018-19 teachers of the year for our three schools. They are Beth Jackson from LHS (left), Wade Brown from LMS (center), and Amanda Smith from LES (right). Wade Brown was also selected as the Latta Schools' District Teacher of the Year.

SchoolWay App

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Latta Schools is now offering a free mobile communications app for parents and students to use on their phones and tablets. The product is called SchoolWay, and you can download the apps by going to our Parent Resource or Student Resource pages from the main menu above.