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     Sports (14)  Sporting Events for the Next 2 Weeks
Thu, Apr 02: Golf, East Clarendon & Andrews, Dillon Municipal, 4:30 PM
Thu, Apr 02: JV Baseball, Johnsonville (Double Header), Johnsonville, 5:00 PM
Thu, Apr 02: Track, Latta, Latta, 5:00 PM
Thu, Apr 02: JV Softball, East Clarendon, Latta, 6:00 PM
Thu, Apr 02: Varsity Softball, East Clarendon, Latta, 7:30 PM
Fri, Apr 03: Varsity Baseball, East Clarendon, East Claredon, 6:00 PM
Mon, Apr 06: Varsity Baseball, Hannah Pamplico, Latta, 6:00 PM
Mon, Apr 06: Varsity Softball, Hannah Pamplico, Latta, 6:00 PM
Tue, Apr 07: Varsity Baseball, Andrews, Latta, 6:00 PM
Tue, Apr 07: Varsity Softball, Andrews, Andrews, 6:00 PM
Wed, Apr 08: Track, Andrews, Andrews, 5:00 PM
Wed, Apr 08: JV Softball, Dillon, Dillon, 5:30 PM
Wed, Apr 08: Varsity Softball, Dillon, Dillon, 7:00 PM
Thu, Apr 09: Varsity Baseball, Hemingway, Latta, 5:30 PM

Welcome to Latta Schools

ACT/SAT Word to Know

corroborate (v.) To strengthen, as proof or conviction.


By order of S.C. Governor Henry McMaster, all schools in S.C. will be closed until at least April 30th. Of course, the closure schedule can change as conditions dictate. The closure includes ALL classes, sports, sport practices, rehearsals, clubs, and any other activities, trips, or events.


School office hours will be TUESDAYs only, from 9 a.m. until noon.

District Office Hours

The district office will be open on Tuesday and Thursday, from 9 a.m. until noon.


Please be advised that all official announcements regarding school matters are posted at school websites and are sent to you through our ALERT system. Any school matters posted through social media are not official or authorized by the school system and maybe incorrect.


It is very important that you complete and send in the CENSUS information. If you do not send in your data our school district and local governments lose federal funding as the federal government sends funds to us based on our CENSUS data.


All high school staff are doing everything possible to ensure that all Seniors complete all graduation requirements by May 15. If you have any concerns with your coursework please contact Latta High School officials. Graduation, Prom, Senior Awards, etc. are still scheduled as such are occurring after April 30th which is the date our Governor has shut all schools down. If we are back in school for May we still have plans to have these events. If we are shut down through May, we will adjust accordingly and see what events we can have but we will not adjust current plans until and unless we are officially closed for May.


Our feeding program at Latta Elementary School will continue through the next 4 weeks of April on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Menus will be announced through our ALERT message system weekly.


Tuesday, 4/7/20
Breakfast: Cinnamon roll, fruit snack, juice, milk
Lunch: Chicken & rice, garden peas, black-eye peas, apple sauce, juice, choc. milk

Wednesday, 4/8/20
Breakfast: Honey bun, juice, apple sauce, milk
Lunch: Chicken fajita, yellow rice, green beans, corn, peach cup, juice, choc. milk

Thursday, 4/9/20
Breakfast: Cereal bar, banana, juice, milk
Lunch: Salisbury steak, rice/gravy, lima beans, fried okra, banana, choc. Milk

Extra Breakfast: Pumpkin bread, fruit snack, juice, milk


3rd nine weeks grades will be posted soon and you can check those through your Power School portal. Information regarding final report card grades for the end of the year will be announced at the end of April. This is dependent upon any further shut down of schools beyond April 30 by the Governor.


Please keep the first and second set of home assignments at home until we announce plans to receive them back at school. This plan will be announced at the end of April, again dependent upon any more closure of school beyond April 30 by the Governor. All of these home assignments will be reviewed and graded by teachers to enhance the final second semester grades.
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