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  Lunch   Today's Lunch
Chicken w/ Gravy
Broccoli Salad
Garlic Breadsticks

     Sports (8)  Sporting Events for the Next 2 Weeks
Thu, Feb 16: Varsity Softball, Aynor, at Latta HS, 6:00
Fri, Feb 17: Varsity Baseball, Socastee, at Socastee HS, 6:30
Sat, Feb 18: Varsity Softball, South Florence, at South Florence HS, 10:20
Sat, Feb 18: Varsity Baseball, Johnsonville, at South Florence, 4:00
Tue, Feb 21: Golf, Aumni Game, at Latta , 4:30
Tue, Feb 21: JV Baseball, East Clarendon, at Latta HS, 5:00
Tue, Feb 21: JV Softball, Marlboro County, at Marlboro County HS, 5:30
Tue, Feb 21: Varsity Baseball, East Clarendon, at Latta HS, 6:30

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elusion (n.) Evasion.

Viking Greenway Survey

The District welcomes your feedback about the Viking Greenway! The Viking Greenway is a mile and a half public trail system on campus that offers educational signage, a boardwalk/overlook area, and access to nature for everyone in the community. The District is currently pursuing additional Recreational Trails Grant funding offered through the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism. We would like public input to determine future amenities, programming, and surface improvements. The survey will take less than two minutes to complete. Thank you!

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