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Baked Beans 
Sliced Cucumber 
Ranch Dressing 
Fruit Cup 
Juice (HS) 

     Sports (10)  Sporting Events for the Next 2 Weeks
Fri, Oct 07: Varsity Football, Hannah-Pamplico, at Hannah-Pamplico HS, 7:30
Sat, Oct 08: Swimming, 3A State Meet, TBD, TBD
Wed, Oct 12: JV Volleyball, Lamar, at Latta HS, 5:00
Wed, Oct 12: Varsity Volleyball, Lamar, at Latta HS, 6:30
Thu, Oct 13: JV Volleyball, Loris, at Latta HS, 5:00
Thu, Oct 13: Cross Country, TBD, at Carvers Bay HS, 5:30
Thu, Oct 13: JV Football, Lake View, at Latta HS, 6:00
Thu, Oct 13: Varsity Volleyball, Loris, at Latta HS, 6:30
Fri, Oct 14: Varsity Football, Lake View, at Lake View HS, 7:30
Thu, Oct 20: JV Football, Creek Bridge, at Creek Bridge Campus, 6:00

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2nd Grade State Testing Schedule

All 2nd grade students will participate in state testing October 10-14. Testing will begin at 8:30 and is not timed, but should last approximately one hour each day. A letter explaining the assessments will be provided. Please make sure your child is at school on time and has had a good breakfast on testing days. The assessments are scheduled as follows:

  • Monday, Oct. 10 - CogAT Verbal Assessment
  • Tuesday, Oct. 11 - CogAT Quantitative Assessment
  • Wednesday, Oct. 12 - CogAT Nonverbal Assessment
  • Thursday, Oct. 13 - Iowa Reading Assessment
  • Friday, Oct. 14 - Iowa Math Assessment

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Latta Schools District Career Coordinator


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